• Exhibition Information
    1. 122th Guangzhou Conton Fair
      Date: 2017.10.15-10.19
      Venue: China Import and Export Fair, Guangzhou
      Booth No.: 1.1I 48

      China-Africa Industrial Capacity Cooperation Exposition
      Date: 2017.12.13-12.16
      Venue: KICC, Nairobi, Kenya
      Booth No.: L04

Main products
    1. Multi-storey Flour Milling Plant

      A hanging bin could be built to realize wheat batching or flour batching. The finished flour can be discharged from the second floor for convenient loading onto trucks.

    1. Steel Structure Flour Milling Plant

      For all the models, the steel structure has 3 layers, and there are crawling ladders between them. The building is less than 12m in height, and this not only reduces the investment, but also cuts down the number of needed working staff which is vey meaningful in lowering the operation cost.

    1. Self Balanced Vibratory Separator

      The screen is made of thin steel sheet, and the punched holes are arranged in a cross manner to ensure excellent cleaning result. Technically speaking, our product could at least remove 65% of silt, 70% of light impurities, and 35% of barnyard grass away.

    1. Gravity Destoner

      Our machine possesses outstanding grain cleaning ability, and it could remove light stones whose sizes are similar to grain kernels' from a stream of grain in a very efficient way, thus offering superb cleaning result. Moreover, the high-density particles are also separated , so the downstream processing ...

    1. Roller Mill

      This machine offers three control methods including automatic control, manual control and centralized remote control. The centralized remote control is able to separate or reunite the clutches of all roller mills at the same time, thus helping the operators out from heavy work.

    1. Square Plansifter

      The aluminum alloy sections are meticulously and precisely machined and then assembled to form the sieve frame. For sieve frames that share the same specification, they can be interchanged with each other freely, and this is also realized for inner frames.