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    1. Multi-storey Flour Milling Plant Our flour milling plant has storage bins for original wheat and cleaned wheat respectively. Their large storage capacities fully meet the requirements for continuous batch production.
    1. Multi-storey Steel Structure Flour Milling PlantOur product combines factory building and production equipment together. The steel-structure building is rapidly constructed, and the machines are installed in a convenient way. These two steps are conducted at the same time.
    1. Steel Structure Flour Milling PlantThe steel structure flour milling plant is a complete set of equipment that is mainly composed of square plansifter, pneumatic roller mill and many other flour milling machines. It shows the features of small footprint, complete process flow, low building cost, short construction cycle and more.
    1. Small Scale Flour Milling PlantThis product is applied to fabricate graded flour that is universally used in bakery and biscuit factory, and it is preferred by small or medium sized flour mills, especially suitable for newcomers in this field.
    1. Family Workshop Flour Milling PlantOur product outputs flour with consistent quality, and it fits for continuous or ordered production. About 95 percent of our flour milling plants are exported to Egypt, and the number have almost reached up to 1000 up to 2013.
    1. Maize GrinderFor the integral maize kernels that have been moisture conditioned, this machine is able to finish dehulling, degerming and grinding operations in one step, and the processing efficiency is improved. Technically speaking, the power consumption for producing one tonnage of maize grit is reduced ...
    1. Maize Embryo SelectorDepending on the differences in specific gravity and suspension velocity between maize embryo and grit, our maize embryo selector takes advantage of the airflow that moves upwards to separate the embryo and frit. This machine can separate maize frit, maize embryo as well as their mixture ...
    1. Maize Grits Processing MachineThe maize grits processing machine is mainly used on the maize grits production line for separating powder from corns to purify maize grits.
    1. Corn Grain Cleaning MachineThe corn grain cleaning machine is a combined machine set used for clearing large and small sized impure substances, large proportion impurities (such as gravel) and some of the light impurities from corns.
    1. Circulating Air SeparatorThe TFXH series circulating air separator is especially designed for the separation of low-density particles (hull, dust, etc.) from grains such as wheat, barley, maize, oilseed and others. It is commonly seen in grain depots, flour mills, rice mills, grain distilleries, oil factories, maize processing plants, feed manufacturing factories, etc.
    1. Self Balanced Vibratory SeparatorThe screen frame of this rotary separator is manufactured by bending steel plates first, and then the steel plates are connected by bolts. There are two layers of drawer type screens within the frame, and the screens are divided into front and back parts which are pushed in or drawn out from the inlet end.
    1. Rotary SeparatorThe screen frame of this rotary separator is manufactured by bending steel plates first, and then the steel plates are connected by bolts. There are two layers of drawer type screens within the frame, and the screens are divided into front and back parts which are pushed in or drawn out from the inlet end.
    1. Vertical Air SeparatorFor the first wind winnowing step, the separation efficiency of light impurities is 70% at least, and not less than 60% for other winnowing steps. In addition, this machine usually works together with rotary separator, destoner and wheat scourer.
    1. Gravity DestonerThe gravity destoner suits a great many of applications. For example, it is commonly adopted for the processing of wheat, rye, maize, oats, buckwheat, barley as well as millet, and it also fits for breweries, distilleries and ethanol production plants.
    1. Horizontal Wheat ScourerIt makes use of mechanical strike and rubbing effect to remove dust, silt, husks, worms, wheat beard, microorganisms and other foreign matters adhered to the grain surface, and it could break clods, cinders, insects, shriveled wheat kernels as well as other matters whose strength is lower than that of wheat ...
    1. Wheat BrusherThe screen mesh is manufactured by weaving special materials, and it has a high opening ratio. It shows excellent separation effect, and the service life is very long.
    1. Magnetic SeparatorWith a high magnetic flux density of 200-380mT, the iron removal efficiency is 99% at least.
      The high-performance permanent magnet cuts down the maintenance cost.
      The magnet is fixed on the door, and it can be seen clearly when swinging ...
    1. Intensive DampenerFor the screw conveyor, its screw blades are arranged in a helical manner on the shaft, and some of the materials will move forward when the blades are stirring. However, the chamber is fixed with a tilting angle. So, as a result of the gravity, some materials will drop down and then mixed
    1. Three Blade DampenerIt possesses excellent sealing tightness, and SPB belt is adopted for transmission. On the other hand, dynamic balance test is a must before installing rotors, while the blades and liners are both fabricated by wear-resisting steel.
    1. Aspiration SeparatorThe machine enclosure looks like a cylinder, and the material distribution unit is an umbrella-shaped plate under which lies an annular material channel to realize even material distribution. Meanwhile, air intakes are arranged around the outer side of the material channel, and air volume is uniform ...
    1. Wheat WasherAfter the coarse, fine and light impurities are all eliminated from the wheat, this machine should be applied to wash away clods, mixed stones, pesticides, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants which may adhere to the surface or body of wheat kernels.
    1. Oscillating ClassifierIt is applied for screen and classifying granular materials in flour milling, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
    1. Wheat DebrannerPressure control device enables debranning strength adjustable
      High capacity and cleaning efficiency
      Wear resistant components reduce maintenance cost
      Less working surface than wheat scourer
    1. DampenerIt is applied in grain milling for the intensive, homogenous dampening of grain, thus conditioning the grain optimally for the grinding process
      Bi-rotor whirling system guarantees uniform water distribution and excellent penetration of moisture into the grain
    1. Drum SeparatorThe TSCY drum separator is a universal grain pre-cleaning device that is commonly seen in grain mills, feed manufacturing plants and many other industries. The round screening drum rotates continuously to effectively remove coarse and fine impurities from grains, such as stones, bricks, ropes, wood chips, soil blocks, pieces of straw, etc.
    1. Stainless Steel Destoner & WasherThe PLFXMS stainless steel destoner & washer is a ubiquitous cleaning equipment used in flour processing plant. Its primary functions are cleaning the dust and pesticide residue on the surface of wheat, removing impurities in the wheat by the principle of specific gravity, ensure the wheat is clean before be processed, reduces ash and sand in the flour, and improves the purity of the flour.
    1. Vertical Grain CleanerThe FDML vertical grain cleaner is mainly used for intense surface cleaning of various corps.
    1. Vibrating Screen SeparatorThe TQLZ 200 x 200 x 2 vibrating screen separator is a new product developed by Pingle. It is mainly used to clean up large, small and light impurities in wheat, corn, soybean, millet and rice grains. It can also be used in classifying forage processing, seed processing and oil processing.
    1. Vibrating Air SeparatorThe ZDXFD vibrating air separator is used to separate light materials from granular materials.
      The adjustment mechanism of the vibrating air separator is easy to operate, ensuring good separation effect between light materials and granular impurities.
    1. Roller MillThe roller mill is one of the key equipment in wheat flour processing plants, and it is used to grind the cereal. Our product possesses many outstanding properties as illustrated below.
    1. Square PlansifterAs one of the most essential machines in flour production line, the FSFG series square plansifter is primarily applied to sift and grade the ground materials, and it can work as an inspection sifter. Aside from food processing industry, it also fits for the manufacturing of wine, medicine, plastics, chemicals and other powder-related products.
    1. Bran BrusherThe FFPS series bran brusher is our qualified product. It is designed to process flour particles that adhere to the bran, thus facilitating the following break grinding operation.
    1. Bran FinisherOur product employs slanted beaters to give the tangentially incoming material stream an extra axial motion, and this could improve the flour yield. Meanwhile, the special-shaped screen is able to vibrate during movement, so the screen openings won't get blocked, and the production capacity ...
    1. Impact DetacherThe rotor is directly connected to the motor, while initiative impact, front impact and side impact are all available for the grains. The impact force is big, and the flour yield rate is very high.
    1. Impact MillThe FMFZ series impact mill is a commonly seen device in flour manufacturing plants. It is used to shatter grains after they have received reduction grinding so as to enhance the flour yield rate and alleviate the burden of roller mills.
    1. PurifierIt is used to purify and grade the different-sized middling and semolina offered by previous plansifter for a second time, thus obtaining pure middling and semolina with improved quality and more consistent particle size distribution. Subsequently, these high-quality intermediate products will enhance ...
    1. Double Bin PlansifterFSFG double bin plansifter is mainly applied to sift and grade powdery and granular material.
    1. Single Bin PlansifterFSFW single bin plansifter is applied for sieving and grading powered and granulated products such as flour, starch, rice, medicine, maize, feed and chemicals with fully closed structure and conveying channel outside of sieve frame.
    1. Screw ConveyorThe screw conveyor is a piece of conveying equipment that doesn't contain any flexible traction components. The impetus generated by the rotating screw blade is used to move materials for a short distance in a vertical or inclined direction.
    1. Buried Scraper ConveyorThe buried scraper conveyor gets its name because the scraper chain is buried in and moves along with the target materials when working. It is designed to transport powders, particles or small bulk materials in the horizontal, vertical or inclined direction, and it has been widely accepted in food processing, chemical engineering and many other fields due to its big conveying capacity and long conveying distance.
    1. Bucket ElevatorIt uses the bucket to contain powders, particles or small bulk materials, and then elevates the bucket in a vertical and continuous way. This machine is commonly seen in different-sized feed manufacturing plants, flour processing mills, starch factories and cereal storage stations.
    1. Tubular Screw ConveyorThe tubular screw conveyor is a highly refined equipment used in factories for conveying, feeding and unloading. It can also be used for transportation of coarse, fine powder and particles. The longest conveying distance is 12 meters, and it can convey horizontally or upward 80 tons of materials per hour.
    1. Air LockThe TGFY series air lock is a very important device in pneumatic transmission and air dedusting systems. It is installed at the outlet of a discharger or a deduster to discharge materials or dust continuously and timely, and simultaneously, it could prevent the atmosphere from penetrating into the discharger or deduster.
    1. Pulse Jet FilterThe air is introduced in a tangential and centrifugal way so as to reduce wind resistance, thus cutting down the burden of filter bags.
      The filter bags are made of thickened needle-punched nylon, and the dust collection coefficient is over 99%.
    1. Centrifugal FanThe machine body is manufactured from high-quality steel plate, and the dynamic balance quality grade is G6.3 for the impeller. Moreover, there is an anti-vibration rubber seat under the machine base. With this sturdy construction, our product is able to run stably.
    1. High Pressure FilterSpiral diversion inlet design enables high filtration efficiency and lower consumption.
      High degree of cleanliness of the purified air is achieved via optimal injection technology
    1. Weighing and Packing MachineThe bag packing controller is manufactured by General Measure, while the pneumatic components are supplied by SMC. So, this product is able to serve for a long time with low maintenance requirement.
    1. Sack Sewing MachineWith the help of the powerful conveyor belt, button switch and OMRON travel switch, our product possesses a long service life, and only a little maintenance is required.
    1. Maize GrinderOur maize grinder is developed on the basis of hammer mill. For the integral maize kernels that have been moisture conditioned, this machine is able to finish dehulling, degerming and grinding operations in one step, and the processing efficiency is improved.
    1. Motorless Wheat MeasurerThe motorless wheat measurer is a kind of power free, flow-regulating wheat measurer, which is suitable equipment for large, medium and small flour processing enterprises to produce all kinds of high quality flour.